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All Primland collaborators fall under the company’s institutional signature “Sustainably organising the fruit and vegetable market”.
Primland's customers are diverse in nature and size: importers, large and medium distribution buyers, but also short channels and regional outlets, according to the products offered.
Although Primland obviously pools its administrative services around the world, it has also set up 3 departments that are working towards the same goal: customer satisfaction.

Marketing Department

To understand and anticipate the demand of business customers and consumers, this department:

  • keeps a permanent watch on the market
  • organises and steers brand promotions for its customers and the end consumer, always in accordance with the cultural character of each country
  • conducts its own initiatives or those in conjunction with collective actions proposed by partner organisations (eg: INTERFEL, which promotes the European kiwi overseas, or Qualité Landes, who are in charge of the promotion of the Adour label Rouge kiwi and IGP.

As a key contributor to the kiwi business, Primland also sets up collective campaigns coordinated by INTERFEL and the BIK (Interprofessional Office of the Kiwi) on the French market.

Commercial Department

This department manages commercial activity throughout the world. A team of 5 people is fully dedicated to this mission, with outposts in strategic areas (Asia, Eastern Europe, the Americas). Rigorous working methods, from ordering to delivery, have enabled Primland to gain the loyalty of over 300 customers, and to constantly increase this number through great dynamism in prospecting.

1993: Oscar® was the first European kiwi to be marketed in Asia (Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong).
2006 and 2008: Oscar® was the first French kiwi to be exported to India.
2010: Oscar® was the first French kiwi to be exported to China.
2013: Oscar® was the first French kiwi to be exported to South Korea.

Logistics Department

With a significant share of its turnover in exports, Primland’s expertise in the delivery of its products abroad is well-known.
Every year, more than 400 containers set sail from France or Chile. There is an equal number of health and regulatory procedures to be declared to numerous organisations.
The volume transported by sea constitutes, on average, one third of the production. The remaining two thirds travel by lorry, in France or Europe.
The configuration of our production by alliance of cooperatives makes it easier to work closely with road logistics centres. This approach contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and, more generally, to sustainable development.