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A common approach to quality

Traceability, technicality and food safety are the watchwords that guide all our fruit stations.

Each producer receives year-round follow-up and technical advice in complying with the specifications until delivery of the fruit at each fruit station.

Each production unit benefits from the same organisation:

  • Storage: the cold rooms (where the kiwis are left to mature) are 90% fitted with a glycolated water system, which reduces the consumption of energy and recommended refrigerant fluids in a sustainable development approach.
  • Fruit ripening: each batch of fruit is individually monitored in order to optimise its ripeness and quality.
  • Sizing: the fruit is sized by hand.
  • Packaging and shipment of the fruit: it is transported by boat or lorry depending on its final destination.

Primland’s international development policy has two main aims:

  • To provide outstanding quality fruit all year round
  • To connect with our customers, reinforcing our production areas around consumers all over the world.