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Originally a cooperative

Primland is an SAS that was founded in 1995. It is a subsidiary of SCAAP, an agricultural cooperative set up in 1982. Primland provided the marketing for this cooperative partner and quickly became a genuine interface between agricultural production and the markets. Its development naturally led to its supporting the creation of a cooperative union in the south of France, with SCAAP as its main partner. With extra volumes harvested, Primland became the leading French operator in the production and marketing of Hayward kiwis.

An international development

Thanks to the setting up of its subsidiary, Primland Chile (in 1999), the company is deployed on all world markets 12 months of the year. This is how Primland generates 50% of its export sales revenue. This export mission has made the company a pioneer in the opening of new markets for French or Chilean kiwifruit. Its Oscar® brand, which has been around for over 37 years, is recognised worldwide as the benchmark for kiwis.

Innovation serving quality

The Primland Group continues to invest in an ambitious R & D policy, enabling it to offer new products in anticipation of new consumer expectations, such as the Nergi, a small fruit found on the snacks or berries shelf.
The Primland Group now controls all production stages up until marketing, giving the end consumer a quality product that meets all expectations in terms of food traceability, taste and choice.
Its employees are based mainly at the headquarters in Labatut, in the Landes, but also in strategic geographical areas around the world.
In 2017, its total consolidated revenue was 32 million euros.