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After citrus fruits and bananas, the apple is the third most widely consumed fruit in the world.
There are over 6,000 varieties of apples, but production is concentrated on just a few.
The apple orchards are cultivated in the sunny plots of the Pyrenean foothills.
The Primland company has therefore specialised in the cultivation of varieties that typify consumption in the south west and Spain.
In 2016, Primland marketed 1,500 tonnes of apples in France, and also in Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Primland markets Espelette peppers grown by farmers in the Basque Country.
The production area of AOC Espelette peppers covers 10 municipalities.
This farming favours a subtropical climate characterised by high rainfall and mild temperatures. Not to mention the famous southern wind: the Haize Hegoa.
AOC rules regulate the harvesting - which must be done manually -, the stringing, preparation of the powder and the traceability. The peppers are planted in May. They are sold fresh, in strings or as a powder, from 15 August to 15 November.
In 2016, Primland marketed 7,000 strings (traditionally packaged from the dried product).

Sweet Pepper

Primland also markets the sweet green pepper, Biper Eztia®.
The sweet pepper is grown according to traditional and natural methods by the market gardeners of the Basque Country and the Seignanx, south of the Landes.
The sweet green pepper is planted in April and grown in a cold greenhouse, or heated to promote regular growth.
The local and rustic varieties are well adapted to the soil and climate conditions. They are prized for their visual and taste qualities.
This vegetable is marketed between 15 June and 15 October in packs of 200 g (an average of 12 peppers per bag).
Primland marketed 17,500 bags in 2016.
Since 2016, the Biper Eztia sweet pepper has been awarded a Label Rouge, whose implementation will be effective in 2017.