Primland undertakes to educate consumers about the proper use and conservation of its products.
In response to new expectations of consumers, Primland is constantly investing in and engaging in the development of new varieties.
The result of these efforts in research and development is to offer subscribers a diversification of their crops, thus securing their activity.
To make new producers aware of these innovations, Primland values the existing organisation and provides support for technical teams.


The idea of eating on the move is growing in Europe, as well as in much of the world. This new nomadic consumer still wants to eat quality products.
Primland launched Nergi® in 2005, after being selected through a call for tenders for an operating licence. Classed as a snack, Nergi® is a small fruit that claims to have rare nutritional qualities (high fibre, vitamin C, and minerals).
The production of Nergi® is based on rigorous specifications that are applied in the orchard, the packaging station and during shipment.
In 2016, Primland successfully marketed Nergi® in Europe (from August to November), and Asia. 2 million punnets were sold, mainly in supermarkets.
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Oscar Gold®

World consumption of the yellow kiwi is increasing, and some consumers find this variety more delicately flavoured, more aromatic.
With Oscar Gold®, Primland selects varieties that meet all production health requirements. Indeed, in order to be eligible, each variety must meet strict criteria in terms of agronomy, health, organoleptic qualities and suitability for conservation and transport. Due to this rigorous approach, the company is positioning itself as an innovative player in this market.
Oscar Gold® is marketed from November to March.
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