The Chairwoman of the FNSEA in the kiwi orchards of the SCAAP

On 10 August, Mrs Christiane Lambert - chairwoman of the FNSEA (Fédération Nationale des Syndicats Agricoles) (National Federation of Agricultural Unions) - has visited the kiwi growers of the SCAAP kiwifruits de France, in Saint-Cricq-Du-Gave. It was the opportunity for the chairwoman and the producers to emphasise the economic and social importance of kiwi cultivation in the region.  

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The PRIMLAND/SCAAP Group continues the digital transformation of its equipment.

The PRIMLAND/SCAAP Group sees strong development in its activities in France and overseas.

So that all collaborators can follow its developments, the Group acquired new management software in June: the DIVALTO solution.

DIVALTO is an ERP that is well-known in the industrial context. Its implementation is partially financed by funds from the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine and FEDER.

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The Oscar® kiwi harvest has begun

Due to the fertile lands of the south-west and the invaluable expertise of our producers, the 2018 harvest looks set to be plentiful!

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