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KIWI Oscar 6 kgs

Oscar® 6 kg


KIWI Oscar 10 kgs carton

Oscar® 10 kg carton


KIWI Oscar 60x40

Oscar® 60 x 40


KIWI Oscar 50x30

Oscar® 50 x 30



Images: Oscar bins carton

Bins 60 kgs


Kiwi Oscar barquette 1kg

Oscar® barquette 1 kg, également conditionné par 10 en bois ou carton




The kiwifruit market

Originally from China, the kiwifruit was first developed in New Zealand, where is gained its name (the Maori name for the country's iconic national bird). It began to be grown intensively throughout Europe at the end of the 1960s.


Prim'land's kiwifruit

As France's leading kiwifruit producer, Prim'land offers its customers a range of fruits which respond to new trends in consumption. New varieties have been introduced in recent years and Prim'Land's Oscar® brand is the only kiwifruit available in green, yellow and red and as a mini kiwi. To find out more about Oscar® kiwifruit please visit Prim'Land's website !

 kiwi oscar

Oscar® kiwifruit : the green kiwifruit, Hayward variety, today accounts for the majority of production worldwide. It is acidic with green flesh and highly appreciated for its Vitamin C content. Kiwi Oscar® is available all year round, thands to its production in France and Chile.

 KIWI label rouge

Adour Oscar® Kiwi Label Rouge is the only recognised quality label for kiwifruit in France. It certifies the superior quality of the Adour kiwifruit, both in terms of taste and the conditions in which it is grown and brought to market.

Images: logo IGP

The Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) is an official European indication of origin and quality which protects the geographical origin of a food product when part of its specific characteristic derives from that origin. Thanks to having obtained its IGP recognition, the quality of the Adour kiwi is linked to the terroir of the Gaves area and of the Adour and the Pays d’Orthe. This IGP confirms that, grown according to clearly defined specifications within this particular terroir, Kiwi Oscar® de l’Adour IGP is a truly exceptional fruit.

Images: logo biologique européen 2010 Organic Oscar® kiwi : just as for the conventional Oscar® kiwi, fruit grown in the Organic Oscar Kiwi orchards receives no disease control chemicals, respecting the requirements of Organic Agriculture Specifications; the top dressing used in the orchard contains no synthetic fertilizers and weeding is carried out mechanically.

The SummerkiwiTM is a green kiwifruit like the Hayward. It is harvested six weeks earlier, so bringing forward green kiwifruit's arrival on the market. When it arrives in the shops (October-November), it is much sweeter than the Hayward. It has met with real success in consumer tastings. Prim'land is the top producer of this variety in France.

  Kiwi Oscar gold

Oscar® Gold is a kiwi with yellow skin, with a much sweeter and milder taste. It is very popular with children in particular and is easily distinguishable form the Hayward because it is smooth-skinned.

 Kiwi Oscar Red

Oscar® Red is a red-fleshed kiwi, highly prized for the possibilities it offers in culinary decoration. Produced in China, it still has limited availability. Prim'land was the first European operator to offer it in 2006.

 Images: kiwi oscar kiwai

The mini kiwi NERGI® is the snack-sized kiwi. Belonging to the same botanical family as the kiwi, it has been developed from a climber which is extremely cold-resistant. Its smooth, edible skin makes it easy to eat and easy to prepare for original dishes.

Images: kiwi Oscar MAP bq 4F Just-ripe Oscar® kiwi : The Oscar® kiwi is also available ‘Just-ripe’, so the consumer has a kiwi that is ready to eat straight away. Its reinforced tray protects the fruits from impacts.



Kiwifruit will keep for several days at room temperature and for up to 2 or 3 weeks in the salad compartment of your refrigerator.

When is it ready to eat ?

It is just right for eating when slightly soft to the touch. If it is too hard, leave at room temperature for a few days, next to some apples. Avoid oversoft fruits which will have gone past the ripe stage.


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