The PRIMLAND/SCAAP Group continues the digital transformation of its equipment.

The PRIMLAND/SCAAP Group sees strong development in its activities in France and overseas.

So that all collaborators can follow its developments, the Group acquired new management software in June: the DIVALTO solution.

DIVALTO is an ERP that is well-known in the industrial context. Its implementation is partially financed by funds from the Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine and FEDER.

 This new tool goes well beyond the centralisation of computing tools.

Its introduction into the group of services will help meet the increasingly more technical specifications of clients in France and in export. Improvement will be seen in efficiency across the board.

This computing solution will also strengthen technical monitoring in sustainable, organic, Label Rouge and other kinds of farming, refining the traceability of its fruit. Always at the service of the producers.

Statement by François Lafitte, Chairman of SCAAP KIWIFRUITS DE FRANCE and PRIMLAND

“The introduction of this management software is co-funded by the European Union. Europe is working in Nouvelle Aquitaine with the FEDER/FSE. This investment allows the Group to increase the reliability of its internal and external data by introducing a more scalable computing system. It can develop and improve internal processes related to the fruit flows, from orchard to customer, identify and pursue future analysis projects in sustainable development and integrate the company’s emerging activities. 

It allows employees to maintain good working conditions by training them in a cutting-edge technology tool and protect high employability in their sector.

Lastly, it can attract young talent interested in a more modern use of the digital technology already present at our companies: E-Commerce, social networks, digital communication, and so on.”