The Chairwoman of the FNSEA in the kiwi orchards of the SCAAP

On 10 August, Mrs Christiane Lambert - chairwoman of the FNSEA (Fédération Nationale des Syndicats Agricoles) (National Federation of Agricultural Unions) - has visited the kiwi growers of the SCAAP kiwifruits de France, in Saint-Cricq-Du-Gave. It was the opportunity for the chairwoman and the producers to emphasise the economic and social importance of kiwi cultivation in the region.  

 Implanted in the Landes region for several decades, the Adour kiwi sector can pride itself on the journey achieved. Despite recurring technical and climatic difficulties (floods in June), the visit of the FNSEA chairwoman has reminded that the progress of the kiwi production maintains numerous rural jobs in the region. The sector currently employs more than 1,000 persons.

The Adour valley has been home to numerous orchards since the 1980s. Adour kiwis flourish to the full in that region where ideal conditions are united: a fertile soil and a temperate oceanic climate, the perfect combination for the fruit whose quality is recognised worldwide.  

SCAAP Kiwifruits de France continues to defend the local producers daily and commits, at their side, to secure their activity, their income and to continue creating jobs. « The role of the kiwi is essential and necessary in the Adour Valley », confirms François LAFITTE, chairman of the SCAAP Kiwifruits de France.

As a reminder: PRIMLAND today sells Oscar kiwis in more than 35 countries throughout the world, including China - the country where kiwis originate from - with a turnover of more than €32 million in 2018.

Christiane Lambert, chairwoman of the FNSEA (at the centre), François Lesparre FDSEA 40 chairman, surrounded by producers and François Lafitte (left), chairman of the SCAAP Kiwifruits de France

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